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“I love projects that stray from the norm, that provide challenge and demand innovation. We strive to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

Payam Parneian, Director, Caisson Construction

At Caisson Construction we believe that building great relationships is paramount to success. So it won’t surprise you that we believe wholeheartedly in our brilliant small team of amazingly capable, experienced, positive and knowledgeable people.


We are specialists in the building and renovation of residential and light commercial projects. Our great team of qualified experts have extensive experience in all aspects of the design and management of building projects.


Building a house or undertaking a major renovation project could well be the most significant investment of your lifetime and has the potential to be stressful and frustrating.


Choosing Caisson Construction for your project ensures you have a reliable, qualified and experienced contractor who will enable the process to be an exciting journey of creation and transformation.


Our approach is transparent and detailed, with a high level of accuracy to create a dwelling that fits your needs through an integrated and seamless process.


Caisson believes that the key to a successful project is good design, great management, excellent communication and collaboration.

We offer a full package of services and can accommodate each and every one of your custom-building requirements. With over 60 years of combined experience in engineering, quantity surveying, architecture, design & project management and manual construction we deliver innovative solutions to every aspect of your project.

We enjoy challenging designs in both residential and commercial projects and specialise in designing and building high-end residential dwellings and commercial properties. We also offer renovation services and manage interior fitouts.

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Why us

The construction project process can often be fraught with uncertainties such as quirks in the labour market, materials price, weather etc. Our knowledgeable and experienced team use formulated and meticulous planning to overcome unexpected as well as anticipated conditions that will mitigate the risks.

  • Caisson construction is one of the best options for developing and renovating high-end residential or light commercial projects.

  • Quality is paramount in our projects. We can work through your goal and dedicate the best subcontractors to develop your extraordinary new building projects.

  • Our team are qualified and experienced, so we have the skills and knowledge to approach challenges and solve problems.

  • We are a ‘one-stop shop’ and offer ‘Design and Build’ projects. ‘Design and Build’ is a type of construction procurement that allows you to design and build your project in a way that suits your requirements, budget and specific section.

  • Determining budget and estimating costs is crucial in construction projects. Our outstanding quantity surveying team are up to date and always adopt the best and most accurate pricing strategies to quantify the costs associated with your project upfront. This approach allows us to forecast project needs and eliminate unwanted surprises during construction.

  • Time is money. Programming and procurement are other significant keys to successful projects. Caisson Construction's project management service is at the very forefront of offerings in Auckland. We prepare a detailed construction programme at the start of your project; concurrent activities are planned wherever possible to reduce the project duration and costs.

  • Innovation and thinking out of the box are other values. At Caisson we strive for lateral and creative thinking for problem-solving. We are confident and have the knowledge and skill to approach a challenge; in fact, we tend to see problems as opportunities to flourish our creativity.

Our Difference 

From dedication to extraordinary quality, Caisson Construction aim to achieve a finished project that more than meets its functional requirements and expectations for design quality at the lowest possible cost and within an agreed schedule. We go the extra mile and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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